Un portrait de mes enfants, chaque semaine, linking with Jodi

issa: his first walk with snow shoes in the forest, during our holidays in the eastern part of the Pyrenees. Louise and J. saw a deer very close during this magical walk, and we also all saw a fox some minutes earlier...
lili: easy little girl, she finally accepted to walk in the snow...

Thanks for your kind words and comments on her birth story, I really hesitated to write onto a such intimate and personal subject, but I do think birth is so important to be prepared, not only physically, but also mentally. I was so unprepared for my first 'giving birth', words need to be shared to tell, explain, give power to the women on earth for their pregnancy and for the way they welcome their babies... 

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  1. Well, did he like the snowshoes? We are enjoying our so much, and finally have the perfect amount of snow to actually need them :) Hello there sweet Lili :)

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    1. I wanted to say 'he' really enjoyed... (and I did also of course!)

  3. Tellement chou! La lumière, les belles boucles, les beaux sourire... Tant de joie!