Un portrait de mes enfants, chaque semaine, linking with Jodi

issa & lili: inside plays/March showers outside - we are listening to classical music,
lili is saying 'bravo' each time a piece of music ends... On the picture, she is smiling
at her daddy who is dancing in front of her. Issa can't believe his father had been a dancer 
(mostly in NYC) for many years when he was younger...

Have a nice sunday, friends!
Weather has been a really March example, hot then very cold, with snow in the sky 
and in the garden. 

1 commentaire:

  1. Look at Lili's face, just beautiful! I had no idea he was a dancer, ballet or modern? I hope the March weather changes for you soon, we have had snow and very cold temperatures this weekend, but I think today is the shift, at least I hope so.

    Have a wonderful day my friend.