Un portrait de mes enfants, chaque semaine, linking with Jodi

issa: this was the day before you left, just one week ago... I can't wait to see you tomorrow, as you come back home with your daddy. This week without you was so so long to me! I miss you so much!
You were so happy to try your sister's kite and to do exactly as the little boy in the story I invented some weeks ago for you... what a memory at your age. I realized how much are important oral stories for the imagination!

lili: during our morning walk, yesterday, you did not like very much the wind in your ears! And you were then so happy to see cows in the fields (even if you called them 'horsey') ahem...they were so beautiful...

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  1. Ha, love the little story about Lili, too cute. And kites, Reece has a new one he got from the Root Children a few weeks ago, time to bring it out I think :) Enjoy having your hubby and little man back home. xo

  2. so precious! :0) mari

  3. Aww my littlest girl doesn't much like the wind in her ears either - and she calls cows "Moo" and sheep "Mary"!

  4. LOL! Lili's picture reminds me of my daughter. She used to yell at the wind to stop blowing pleeeeeease! :-) Beautiful captures. I hope Issa's homecoming was a wonderful one. xoxo