A portrait of my children, each week, in 2015, following Jodi & Else :)

issa: he asked me this morning, to climb to his favorite mountain, the one he can see from his bedroom window. I was so thrilled! We went there during lili's nap, as Louise was there to keep an eye on her. I saw again how this growing boy of mine clearly needs his everyday climbing!

lili: discovering our future garden, full of wild strawberries :) and couch grass :(. She's growing up so fast these days, and decided that she did not need diapers anymore... and it works (all day long)!

I could not find time to come there and share a post or two during this week! Those 2 little of mine wake up so early everyday that my time is precious and I try to manage my solo weeks the best I can, but definitely internet is an option in front of daily chores and organization...

4 commentaires:

  1. Goodness Sandra, that photo of Issa is breathtaking. Reece says he wants to climb that mountain :) And such a sweet photo of Lili.

    Hope you are well, and that you are finding just a bit of time for you while you are solo parenting. Hugs. xo

  2. Je comprends que ton fils ait envie de grimper là, le panorama est splendide!!

  3. Cette première photo sur la montagne, waouw !

  4. Tes enfants sont adorables, mas j,avoue, je suis émue par cette magnifique photo de ton fils. Ce paysage... quelle richesse!