photo by louise 

A portrait of my children, each week, in 2015, following Jodi & Else :)

OK, I'm late, very late. But I have an excuse, we were on a long 14th of July week-end - a birthday week-end with a big part of J.'s family.

issa changed a lot lately, he's clearly becoming a long-hair boy (does not want me to cut something) and founds pockets of quite time, peaceful moments and patience tips. My heart could not be happier that he finds his way to more positive feelings!!!
lili loves so much snuggles, but she is clearly on a self sufficient period, needing to do all-by-herself. I wish I could always have the time to look at her, encourage and not try to do for her. I try to take this time as much as possible. Looking at her makes my heart grow and grow!

2 commentaires:

  1. Quel regard! et si l'apaisement est sur le chemin... joie! J'adore Lili au tableau!

  2. Love the photo of Issa. He has changed, looking more grown up. And your little Lili, miss independent eh? She sounds like a sweetheart.

    Sounds like a fun weekend, hope you had a great time.