Yes today is a so special day. But never we want to give up face to atrocity.
Those babies of mine - of course I'm so sad to know that their childhood will be filled with such events in their country - but this post today is to show that they shine so much, and I still want to give them peace and love as a force.

A portrait of my children, each week, in 2015, following Jodi & Else :)

3 commentaires:

  1. Oui, vos enfants, nos enfants rayonnent.
    Puissions-nous les aider à rester éclairés tout au long de leur chemin.

  2. They do shine my friend, with such beautiful light. Thinking of all of you over there, and sending love, light and peace. xo

  3. J'aime le commentaire de Cécile...
    Et tes enfants, si vivants, si gais!