"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014."
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Le tourbillon des semaines ne me lâche pas, ni les pannes d'internet ... Juste une pause cet après midi de soleil dans le jardin, le temps de les prendre tous les trois en photos.
Lili, en quête d'indépendance farouche, elle veut tout faire comme les grands.
Louise, part pour un jogging d'après-midi, et prévoie son premier concert entre filles ce soir.
Issa, mon râleur impénitent, mon fauve.

Just a little pause this afternoon in the sun and in the garden. That was my favorite part of the day for sure, with my three ones. How can I make it slower? I would really change all of it, I can't stop thinking "and if I was not at work during all those hours, would I be more patient?, more comprehensive?". perhaps I need a switch, a big change. Perhaps I'm so afraid of it? 

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  1. Beautiful photos of your beautiful children. Sounds like you are pondering some things...fear is a tough one to step back from, but sometimes you need to look it in the face and just jump :)

    1. yes jump... yes jump... thanks Kim for your kind words

  2. Time just gets away from us doesn't it? If only we could all have more time to spend with our little ones.

  3. The passage of time is so overwhelming. I want to capture each moment as it is slipping through my finger! Beautiful photos.

  4. cette succession de portraits est très chouette, bravo (tres sympa la bannière aussi!)