Un portrait de mes enfants chaque semaine / linking with Jodi 

issa: how long will he like his long hair? For the moment, no way to cut them, even if regularly, he can hear that people think he is a girl!
lili: in the garden, under the snow today! She prefers to see the snow through a window than on her hat.
louise: at her fencing competition. I was so happy to be there and see her determination.

4 commentaires:

  1. I love Issa's hair. Reece is growing his too, and won't let me near him with scissors :) Love the light and angle of the photo of Issa. Lili looks grown up in this photo. And way to Louise, I had no idea she fenced. Hope the competition went well, and she felt good about her performance.

    Enjoy your weekend my friend. xo

  2. I agree with Kim, I love his hair. How fun is her space suit jacket! And that fencing shot. Always found it such an exciting sport. Hope she is happy with her performance. Wishing you a lovely week-end. xox

  3. Je comprends, ses boucles sont si belles! Moi ce fut le contraire, j'ai eu les cheveux courts jusque 10 ans et on me prenait toujours pour un garçon… So what!!
    Qu'il est chouette le bonnet de Lili, tu me dirai ce que c'est le modèle?
    Chouette dimanche!

  4. je suis comme tout le monde, je craque littéralement sur les boucles d'Issa. ;)