making art

Leur papa est reparti sur les routes pour filmer pour ce nouveau spectacle équestre qui débutera en mai à Lille. Je suis bonne pour deux semaine de maman en solo. Allez, prenons le tout-doux, faisons nous du bien avec de la couleur. Et vous savez quoi ? Il s ne se sont même pas battus avec les pinceaux et ils se sont amusés, wahou!
Peinture spéciale mains sur une toile faite maison... voilà une nouvelle décoration pour la maison !

Their daddy went back on the road, in order to film for this new equestrian show that will begin in May in Lille. I'm good for 2 weeks of solo parenting. Let's take it easy... let's make art! That can sound bizarre but they did not fight with the brushes or the colors, AND they had fun!!!!!
Special handsafe paint on home made canvas. A new decoration for our kitchen!

4 commentaires:

  1. How fun, and it looks like they had a great time creating :)

    Received your lovely package in the mail today, thank you!!!!! The napkins are beautiful, and Reece loves his new pencil. You are so very sweet. Reece is geared up to send a letter back to Issa, it will be in the mail on Friday.


    1. I really loved to look at their faces during the painting... such a pleasant moment. Happy to know that the little package arrived safe to your home, and that you liked it!!!!... Have a very nice week-end!

  2. Quelles belles images! Ça respire la joie... Amuse-toi bien avec tes cocos pour les 2 prochaines semaines. J'adore cette expression, "prenons le tout-doux"... je vais peut-être la voler! :-)

  3. You are a braver woman that I. I am afraid of letting them run free with paint! They do look as though they are having a grand old time. Good luck in regards to two weeks of single mamahood.