a grain of sand

Just no more than a grain of sand, or two, into the wheels of our nest machine. Perhaps a grain of sand from the beach, where we were last saturday. Perhaps the cause of a first infection for issa, the loss of the camera (then found again), the gastroenteritis and the tiredness of two consecutive weeks in solo. I did not find the time to come here, or make portraits for the 18/52 (or just with my second hand phone here). I just have to accept I cannot do it all. I take it slow, to make lili recover, to deal with all the chore and my lack of sleep.

I would just like to spend time with my new hobby, natural dyeing...and find time to take a little nap...
My first linen tea towels that are quite like I imagined them...

Wish you a happy week my friends!

2 commentaires:

  1. Sending you hugs my friend. Hope everyone is feeling better soon.

    Love the tea towels, your new hobby is inspiring me :)


  2. Je te souhaite en ce cas une bonne sieste! (et merci pour le partage de teinture, c'est très apaisant à regarder)