A portrait of my children, each week, in 2015, following Jodi & Else :)

issa: little growing boy! I wish your sleep was more quiet and long...
lili: you show me that I know nothing about raising a child. You are so strong, so full of life. I have to admit I need a new way to follow your path, I have to be humble and to look at you. You tell me that now you are able to climb and go down these 50 stairs by your own. You tell me that you are able to go to the rest room by yourself and you don't need diapers anymore. I just need to trust you. To follow the path you propose. I'm so happy to live fully these moments with you. What a chance I have to become a new mother...

4 commentaires:

  1. Lili sounds like a wonderful little adventurer - and those stairs seem to be no problem at all! Beautiful photos of both of them this week :)

  2. The light on Issa's hair is gorgeous. Your little Lili sounds like she knows exactly what she wants, and how to get there too. Just hold her hand and enjoy the ride mama, it is the best one around. xo

  3. Ah c'est beau de se réinventer à leurs côtés!

  4. Sorry I'm so behind on reading your lovely posts. What beautiful captures... your words to Lili resound so firmly with me. I have such a strong willed and strong bodied little man. It,s hard to let go of those strings isn't it?